Weight Management

Being overweight is a major source of distress for many people and it effects more than just their physical health. It can also cause emotional distress and discrimination. There is now a lot of focus on the environmental influences causing obesity, especially in places where processed food containing high levels of sugar and refined carbohydrates make up a large percentage of the daily diet, a.k.a. “food deserts”.  As the consumption of fresh, whole food goes down and the consumption of processed food goes up, many people gain weight and their health suffers.

To learn more about why we gain weight and what to do about it you can watch Professor Tim Noakes’ presentation Medical Aspects of the Low Carbohydrate Lifestyle given at a Low Carb Down Under event in Melbourne.  Low Carb Down Under has organized many events over the last few years where they have brought together some the world’s leading Scientists and Medical Doctors, including Prof. Noakes, to give talks on Obesity and Diabetes Management using LCHF (low carbohydrate, healthy fat) nutrition.  You can find an extensive range of their videos on YouTube by searching “Low Carb Down Under”.